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Recenzie GTA V (Xbox 360) v zahraničí

Grand Theft Auto V je tu a s ním aj prvé zahraničné recenzie a záverečné hodnotenia. Ako sa doposiaľ darí dlho očakávanému titulu od spoločnosti Rockstar na konzole Xbox 360?

Grand Theft Auto V is not only a preposterously enjoyable video game, but also an intelligent and sharp-tongued satire of contemporary America. It represents a refinement of everything that GTA IV brought to the table five years ago. Celá recenzia »
The narrative fails to match the impact John Marston or Niko Bellic’s tales, but the colorful characters kept me interested in the story nonetheless. Like the golden state it parodies, Grand Theft Auto V is filled with beautiful scenery, a wealth of activities, and the promise of fortune. Celá recenzia »
The world is massive and detailed, the gameplay is damn near perfect, and though there are some lackluster side missions, the actual story is filled with memorable personalities that feel more fully-realized than even the best of GTA’s previous characters. Celá recenzia »
From skydiving and submarine exploration to bounty-hunting and watching animated shorts, GTA V is absolutely crammed full of things to do, and it looks amazing while you do them. Celá recenzia »
No one makes worlds like Rockstar, but at last it has produced one without compromise. Everything works. It has mechanics good enough to anchor games of their own, and a story that is not only what GTA has always wanted to tell but also fits the way people have always played it. It’s a remarkable achievement, a peerless marriage of world design, storytelling and mechanics that pushes these ageing consoles to the limit and makes it all look easy. Celá recenzia »
Unless you play it for yourself, it’s near impossible to grasp how big GTA 5 is. It’s not just the world. It’s the gargantuan story, the sheer amount of missions and the variety introduced with them, the activities to take part in, or the secrets waiting to be unveiled. It’s a highlight of the generation. Celá recenzia »
Sam Houser compared the making of Rockstar’s epic to the troubled production of Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, and in some ways the same result has been met: a product that represents the peak of the blockbuster triple-A form, that realises grand ambition without visible compromise. Celá recenzia »
I can’t imagine the pressure behind the scenes, but everything that Rockstar has attempted with Grand Theft Auto V gels together perfectly. As we look forward to the next-generation launches in just a few months, it’s pretty awesome to see the best game of this entire generation cap it off. Celá recenzia »
When analyzed in its purest essence, GTA V not only proves to be an excellent title, but also a game that is able to make a sublime parody of today’s society, taking advantage of all the excesses and insanities to which the world is slowly getting used. Celá recenzia »
All three characters, in their respective ways, feel representative of the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole, and contribute to making GTA V what it is – the ultimate culmination of Rockstar’s beloved and despised series. Celá recenzia »

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